Keep your tape loops short

One word is best.

As much as I like the:

You look familiar. You got any warrants?

method, last night I defaulted to ‘No’ when I was approached last night by a female panhandler in the Publix parking lot. Because I keep my head up, I saw the encounter coming.

“Something, something, car, homeless.”




“Okay.” She then walked away.

I didn’t say it in an ugly way, just very firmly. The power of a firm ‘No’ is very strong.

No_Revocatoria_Lima_2013 Simbolo

I also had my pepper spray in hand in case things went any further.

5 responses

  1. Thank you for this excellent info. Command presence goes along way I think it often gets forgotten along with awareness.

  2. No usually works very well, but I have had a violent response from it. You were wise to be prepared just in case. Mentally ill people don’t always respond in a logical manner.

    1. You are absolutely right. Never count on any single tactic to work in every case.

    2. Many time I hear people say ” no one in their right mind would do…..,” As you say that very well could be the case. I think many people forget this and assume everyone is of sound mind . Excellent discussion.

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