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Jack Ryan Season 2

jack-ryan-season-2-harriet crop

Although the female character Harriet Bauman in the latest Jack Ryan series on Prime described herself as ‘former KSK,’ [German Special Forces] no women had passed the KSK selection process as of 2015. Being part of the BND [German Federal Intelligence Service] would be more believable except that there is no particular method of transition from those services to each other. A more likely transition would have been from the KSA [Strategic Reconnaissance Command of the Bundeswehr].

Overall, the second season has been largely disbelievable and highly contrived. The sequence involving the assassination of Senator Moreno was ridiculous. The idea that the State Department’s Diplomatic Security Service wouldn’t be on top of the travel and security arrangements for a visiting US Senator in a semi-hostile country is laughable. To compound the absurdity came the recruiting of a reluctant and non-vetted ‘boat driver’ for the CIA Special Activities Center nee Division team. Then the boat driver and Ryan becoming total loose cannons made it even worse.

I haven’t read a Tom Clancy book in a while but I hardly think he would approve of this buffoonery.


The Origin and Evolution of Dot Torture

Dot Torture is a well known practice regimen among skilled shooters. Its origins and evolution are less well known, however.

DT target pic

Shooting on dot targets, i.e., small filled in circles from 1.25 to 5.54 inches in diameter, as a speed shooting training and practice exercise, was originated by John Shaw, a World Champion shooter, in the early 1980s. In his book, You Can’t Miss: The Guide to Combat Pistol Shooting, he explains the training standard he established for his students. Until they could consistently hit the black bullseye (5.54 inches) of an NRA B-8 bullseye target from the holster in two seconds at seven yards, he didn’t allow them to move on to more advanced drills.


Shaw’s school, the Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting evolved the concept of dot shooting to a high level. Combined with shooting at steel targets, as originated by Bill Rogers, founder of the elite Rogers Shooting School, dot shooting became a standard component used in the practice regimens of knowledgeable shooters who aspired to a higher level of competency.

The concept of dot shooting was so effective at teaching shooters to hit the target, it quickly became part of military counter-terrorist pistol training. The US Army Special Forces developed a course called ‘Special Operations Training’ [SOT] during the 1980s to train its personnel to use the 1911 pistol at a level not seen before that time in the military.

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